My first doodle in very many months 07/04/15 ©2015, stu06bloc9
My first doodle in very many months 07/04/15
©2015, stu06bloc9

I’m not good at drawing as you can see but some of my friends like my occasional doodles and have challenged me to make and post at least one a week! Showing myself up in all kinds of ways again… so Tuesday’s will be Tues-Doodle-Day, or I’ll forget.

I had to make a “Excuse for a page-holder for my doodle while I wait for enough light to find one of my widgets to get my photo off my phone onto computer to upload … ” but WHY did I not think to slip the page into my scanner? Maybe because I rest my keyboard on my printer top to be able to have it at the height necessary to stand and type for not being able to sit and type or use internet! Hopeless apology of a blogger, see!  So here remains sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by a wasted visit to this page before there was something else here…and even now there is!


FFs! autono-A-Z-ing! fin-ish!

I have finally got to get this fluffy F’in out of my free-writing system somehow. Even my everyday daily poem at Pitter Patter (fitter fatter one day maybe) was an f-in frog-hopping start with fickle flippin shopping for fodder thrown in for fair weather reflection! FFS! All this flaneur and fishing for soup and fort-fully finking… i am so looking forward to battered fish tomorrow, even if grey rather than white for a fifty pence helping! Baked not fried of course! I blog-hopped twenty new A to Z blogs from my reader rather than from the sign-up list and still trying to follow those visited before (but not actually following following all but keeping track via comments notifications + notes). At some point gettiing links pages / reviews together…phew!

Whatever next? Gee – with a j, like in congeal? what g word start with a j? just to be awkward? are there any?  or a g, for grr? Not yet decided.

Surprised I  managed a sensible response to the writing 101 task earlier but even that was a flit to the future! FFS!

Finally though, I’ve taken some of my own advice for a change from my Feeling Fine Framework at Snailzpace Daily and made a doodle for today. So Tuesday’s are going to maybe feature Tuesday’s-Doodle-Day, and I’ll make at least one every week – but you might guess this first one has a couple of flippin’ F’s innit! So, I am definitely learning my alFabet fine. Just my form needs some fine-tuning and forms need finishing – and the foto file needs uploading to my flying machine…So, going on and getting back with whatever next…

G-wizardry?  Farewell 😀

FFs! autono-A-Z-ing! fin-ish!

Alpha Beta Dailey Taley – Effy the Elephant…

Effy the Elephant slacked in her bunk and said ‘I’m fucked off with your shirkin! I’m staying right here, I want breakfast in bed and with lunch I’d like burger with gherkin!”

I said “Eff off, do I look like your slave” and went about with my everyday bees-knees: the laundry, the dishes and sweeping the floors, then a break with a cuppa and biccies.

Effy the Elephant flounced down the stairs and huffed ‘So you’d leave me to starve then? And whats all this, why you sat on your arse? And I really do wish you’d stop laughing!”

But I couldn’t help myself, because her tutu was caught in the back of her knickers, revealing her flabby cheeks and waste high polka dot briefs. I know I’ve spoilt the rhyme in my writing and wondering if it’s enduced enjambment, or if I even understand the term ‘enjambment’.

I’m  a bit too exhausted after sleeping and waking to continue with this daily taley A to Z antedote, but maybe now I’m eased up with my effin’ E I can get on and draft F,G,H,I,J for the rest of the weak ELSEWHERES… still not linkin’ up, you can get off your arse and check out my gravatar for my other blogs, but none of us has eternal time for exploring, so I don’t expect you will or should 😀

Oh! and I’ve got a writing 101 prompt to do here too… 20minute free-writing excercise to do (gawd-help-me-for-being-so-daft!) AND must post my stream of consciousness delirium, whatever that turns out to be. But I’m up to date with my A to Z and I’d be exhausted anyway, even without. Having cheated with an Eff for an easy lay-back page, I’ll maybe be back tomorrow with a Fuh! kind of antidote for A to Z-ing  alpha beta daily taley style… or catching up later in the week, however it turns out…

Alpha Beta Dailey Taley – Effy the Elephant…