Oh please not Anti-Resolutions Time Already?


[Did a lazy reblog…]

Ten things not to do in 2017? [prompt]

  1. Stress about creativity…
  2. Plan a strict schedule…
  3. Freeze / starve…
  4. Apologise for absences and belatedness…
  5. Travel so far I can’t get home for months…!
  6. Run out of money…
  7. Deprive myself of hope…
  8. Avoid poetry… whatever anyone has to say about men writing and reading such stuff!
  9. Buy any kind of new tech (2ndhand inc) / mobile device…
  10. Sink for borrowing too much…

And if I were making it ‘a baker’s dozen’ … it’d just be unlucky for some, but (a) not to be even acknowledging detritus types of western politic, however dangerous it might seem to have alternative ways of ‘free-thinking’; (b) online too much again eventually, unless / until co-writing on pieces of paper, jointly, with Colleen de V. and be careful with it (is that in the nots category? and so, (c) confusing myself with daft artistic notions derived from influence of bogus ‘artful dodger’ types! [no accusations or implications being levied at any acquaintance in either of our worlds, real and/or virtual! cuz we steer clear, as do they of any honest types! lol]

{I might need to add a 14- for an admin vol getting round to some posting some drafty stuff some time, reciprocally & mutually unpaid of course, in our wonderful so often tokenistic ‘free world’…}

I got back specially for a 72-100hour plus New Year marathon ‘Soiree’ and forgot to bring Snickers, but remembered more beans! hooray!

Oh please not Anti-Resolutions Time Already?

It’s Thursday! time for a T-A-S-T-e-write

T.A.S.T.e-write #1


The image above (from unsplash.com), inspired the following flash-fiction writing output:

Knowing she stands on the other side of the river, I reach forward, arms stretched out, palms upward to feel the warmth of the sun as I made my offering to her. I had no way of giving her a gift and she deserved so much more than an empty gesture.

I wonder how long it will be before the travel ban is lifted and I can journey to the city again to see her. I long to keep her safe. I worry for her, alone, trapped within the city limits.

If only I had a boat, I could try to reach her – though I might be shot for my intrusion. If I could swim against the current I might dare, for living without her is death itself. I wrestle with these thoughts all day and much of the night – oh, if I had wings and could soar the skies and swoop her to safety!

I cannot see her, but I know she is there. I hope she knows I am with her, in spirit.

[copyright, Stuart Mullen, 2016]

Both the images I selected (pic-step prompt #1) triggered a number of ideas and sparked some writing excercises and outlining other excercises and ideas. This result stands alone, fairly fine as is, in isolation from the muddled meanderings of other efforts, so this week I decided to share this for my self-led Take-A-Step-Thursday:E-write challenge. Maybe I’ll even continue weaving the story with other fragments … and if you’re inspired to write something yourself, from the picture prompts or my writing starter above, I’d love to hear about it via comments or pingbacks 🙂 Feedback most welcome too and will be reciprocated a.s.a.p.

Now for pic-step prompt #2, I must simply find an image for the prompt for this next week’s writing. (My TASTe:write goal-setting post will appear at my rough-work-book-blog,  Snailzpace Daily soon after, with links to be updated).

It’s Thursday! time for a T-A-S-T-e-write

FFs! autono-A-Z-ing! fin-ish!

I have finally got to get this fluffy F’in out of my free-writing system somehow. Even my everyday daily poem at Pitter Patter (fitter fatter one day maybe) was an f-in frog-hopping start with fickle flippin shopping for fodder thrown in for fair weather reflection! FFS! All this flaneur and fishing for soup and fort-fully finking… i am so looking forward to battered fish tomorrow, even if grey rather than white for a fifty pence helping! Baked not fried of course! I blog-hopped twenty new A to Z blogs from my reader rather than from the sign-up list and still trying to follow those visited before (but not actually following following all but keeping track via comments notifications + notes). At some point gettiing links pages / reviews together…phew!

Whatever next? Gee – with a j, like in congeal? what g word start with a j? just to be awkward? are there any?  or a g, for grr? Not yet decided.

Surprised I  managed a sensible response to the writing 101 task earlier but even that was a flit to the future! FFS!

Finally though, I’ve taken some of my own advice for a change from my Feeling Fine Framework at Snailzpace Daily and made a doodle for today. So Tuesday’s are going to maybe feature Tuesday’s-Doodle-Day, and I’ll make at least one every week – but you might guess this first one has a couple of flippin’ F’s innit! So, I am definitely learning my alFabet fine. Just my form needs some fine-tuning and forms need finishing – and the foto file needs uploading to my flying machine…So, going on and getting back with whatever next…

G-wizardry?  Farewell 😀

FFs! autono-A-Z-ing! fin-ish!