Take me to… the next big thing

(Note to self, I thought I’d lost the random prompt generator, or that it had been discontinued, but you can find it at The Daily Post homepage!)

Prompt! The next big thing in technical innovation I must really have is…


… the home holo-deck! So, while standing at my desktop, I can slip into work, do my shift, slip home after in the blink of an eye. I’d not need to change my clothes before slipping back out to eat a nice meal and enjoy a couple of hours socialisation. All without going anywhere and spending no real money on fares or food. Much less of my day would be wasted for travelling! I’d be back in time for a quick blog and still manage to get an early night and plenty of sleep.

I could spend my vacation in Hawaii (or anywhere else in the world / universe) without growing a huge carbon footprint to get there – and still be able to sleep every night in my own comfy bed without troubling my neighbour to dog-sit while I’m ‘away’.

Wouldn’t that be nice? I really must have one!


Just one more thing – a widget you plug into your neural network that captures every thought that should count as poetry or writing! The number of times, lost in thought, something is processing away, generating a lovely long string of something that really should have been written down but is forgotten by the time you arrive at some writing time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to access all that mislaid meandering and make something potentially great with it! (It wouldn’t be the next BIG thing, probably a grain of rice size nano-worm you drop in your ear and away it goes…)

Take me to… the next big thing

In Vain

Prompted by cue-art#5 at Shafali’s Creativity Carnival

sCCcue5~Poem: In vain

Vanessa was a vain lass
she wore it plain for all to see
and oh so career driven
she had soon passed fertility.
She couldn’t hide her sadness
in her eyes it was revealed,
being barren and childless
her regret she tried to conceal.

©2015, stu06bloc9


Short story to be posted here soon…

Incorporating this prompt with another I’ve started drafting a fictional¬† story. I’m torn between finishing and polishing my original version, or whittling it down to flash fiction. This uses the opening line (using the second prompt):

We were all eyes and ears yesterday…

 (to be continued)

In Vain