FFs! autono-A-Z-ing! fin-ish!

I have finally got to get this fluffy F’in out of my free-writing system somehow. Even my everyday daily poem at Pitter Patter (fitter fatter one day maybe) was an f-in frog-hopping start with fickle flippin shopping for fodder thrown in for fair weather reflection! FFS! All this flaneur and fishing for soup and fort-fully finking… i am so looking forward to battered fish tomorrow, even if grey rather than white for a fifty pence helping! Baked not fried of course! I blog-hopped twenty new A to Z blogs from my reader rather than from the sign-up list and still trying to follow those visited before (but not actually following following all but keeping track via comments notifications + notes). At some point gettiing links pages / reviews together…phew!

Whatever next? Gee – with a j, like in congeal? what g word start with a j? just to be awkward? are there any?  or a g, for grr? Not yet decided.

Surprised I  managed a sensible response to the writing 101 task earlier but even that was a flit to the future! FFS!

Finally though, I’ve taken some of my own advice for a change from my Feeling Fine Framework at Snailzpace Daily and made a doodle for today. So Tuesday’s are going to maybe feature Tuesday’s-Doodle-Day, and I’ll make at least one every week – but you might guess this first one has a couple of flippin’ F’s innit! So, I am definitely learning my alFabet fine. Just my form needs some fine-tuning and forms need finishing – and the foto file needs uploading to my flying machine…So, going on and getting back with whatever next…

G-wizardry?  Farewell 😀

FFs! autono-A-Z-ing! fin-ish!

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