My first doodle in very many months 07/04/15 ©2015, stu06bloc9
My first doodle in very many months 07/04/15
©2015, stu06bloc9

I’m not good at drawing as you can see but some of my friends like my occasional doodles and have challenged me to make and post at least one a week! Showing myself up in all kinds of ways again… so Tuesday’s will be Tues-Doodle-Day, or I’ll forget.

I had to make a “Excuse for a page-holder for my doodle while I wait for enough light to find one of my widgets to get my photo off my phone onto computer to upload … ” but WHY did I not think to slip the page into my scanner? Maybe because I rest my keyboard on my printer top to be able to have it at the height necessary to stand and type for not being able to sit and type or use internet! Hopeless apology of a blogger, see!  So here remains sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by a wasted visit to this page before there was something else here…and even now there is!


4 thoughts on “Tues-Doodle-Day01

    1. Thank you Ann 😀 I’m not good compared to my artistic friend – she makes excellent drawings and doodles, I’m showing some of them on my (our) art blog 🙂 and it’s posting overload with A to Z challenge on 3 blogs AND writing 101! lol

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      1. It’s my resting activity while I can’t do anything exertional and so it carries me through the dyas more happily achieving something while I can’t get out of the house far or often. I do some of my writing offline with an old computer set up by my bed to paste in an post 🙂


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