Neighbourhood – part 1b

Having ventured out to visit existing neighbours in my previous post, I thought I’d also take on the challenge of finding five new-to-me Blogging101 neighbours.

Hallo again Blogging101 !

(N.B. I am skipping class this month and reviewing past material… tagging along – or gate-crashing, if you prefer… but at least I’m walking the walk … and that’s definitely not ‘crash-tagging’!)

Along the way of ‘Meet the Neighbours’ task for today, I bumped into ‘on and off’ blogger Gerry Wilson’s introduction post and look forward to reading more there, soon – and being seen as a ‘veteran’ blogger by some, there appears plenty to dig into in the archives, as Gerry started blogging in 2009.

Thanks to intrigue and curiosity generated by IgneousIdol’s latest post I now am familiar with the term ‘boondocking’ and what it means! I also empathised with the title of that post – exactly how I felt during November’s Blogging101 when I attempted the task as given and was completely overwhelmed with new-to-me reading.

A.L.A.S. at Lifetime of gratitude shares five linked blogs which look appealing – and I do enjoy these kind of posts for finding blogs I’d probably miss otherwise.

I really like Jansenphoto’s blog title and tagline and this post offers five recommended blogs found in their search of reader tags – I’d never thought of searching that tag and look forward to checking out those blogs too.

Finally, my fifth target for this post became Rants and Ramblings exploration of today’s assignment activity. I empathised a lot during reading, although he won’t have heard, because similarly, I tend to avoid commenting – or rather put it off for a return visit I might not get round making.

That’s another good reason for writing these little link-up posts, the handy reminders of must-go-back-to …

So, from checking out the blogging101 tag in the Reader today, there are five latest new-to-me choice reads. Happily away now to elsewhere, real-life awaits. I enjoyed my visiting spree and will have to do it again sometime sooner! Bye for now…





Neighbourhood – part 1b

Neighbourhood – part 1A

[N.B: If you’re looking for my poetry101rehab entry it’s in pre-formatted text box way down the page – but isn’t yet my entry proper…]

Today’s Blogging101 task focusses on reading and engaging with the blogging community and encourages seeing the blogosphere as ‘neighbourhood’… I’m currently refreshing on the November2015 Blogging101 class and so, like many others, am ‘tagging along’ without actually signing up for the class this time round.

The first wordpress class I joined was Blogging201, almost a year ago, just after starting this blog – I should have waited and taken Blogging101 first, but didn’t get around to that one for a few months, having taken a couple of the writing and poetry classes in between.

I encountered lots of fantastic bloggers with already admirable blogs during last February’s Blogging201 class – and plenty more since during other classes and generally around the blogosphere. Unfortunately, I’ve not had time to keep up with reading in recent weeks / months, so I’ve been catching up quite a lot while at home for a few days.


So, rather than seeking out only new blog’s today, for my blogging101 refresher, I’m revisiting existing ‘neighbours’ that I already follow and having a good catch up with some of those. (Some of my fave blogs are already linked up in my 3days,3quotes challenge posts as nominees for the challenge, otherwise they would have featured here too!)

I’m always fascinated by a visit to Suzi’s blog, even though it seems written for women and even though I don’t stitch. I know plenty of females who do and perhaps that’s the original hook – but I suspect it’s more to do with the surprise in (thrift) store with her posts and Suzi’s originality and inspiring creativity. Happy recent first bloggiversary at too Suzi!

from Suzi’s latest post at bluecarpaintedgreen:

“If we all planned our days around core desired feelings, how might our lives improve?

And so I ask: How do you want to feel this year? Pick a word. Then choose three more. What actions can you take to feel this way, at least more of the time? Consider how you can arrange your time to make it happen.”

In answer to the first part of these questions, this year I want to feel enlivened, enthused, enabled and enriched (I don’t mean financially, although that would be a bonus!) … and I’ll maybe spend some time thinking about this in finding some answers to those other questions.

New Year seems a prime time for starting new challenges and / or continuing existing ones:

KittyKat-BitsandBobs Word for Wednesday response really struck a chord with me. I also found interesting the 28 prompts for the ‘Love Yourself’ challenge she’s currently doing – now wondering if they’ll help me achieve those feelings outlined in the paragraph above… although I’d maybe do them privately than on my blog…

I enjoyed this response from Rose and found this not-too-late to join in with JustJotItJanuary challenge

… but I’m also having to admit – again! –  that I’ve let past challenge commitments go and am hoping to catch up with those before taking on any new ones. RonovanWrites is the home of the weekly haiku challenge (I must get re-started with this!), among others such as #BeWOW. There are so many great posts and articles, it’s a reliable venue for blogging tips and a vibrant community routinely return for more – although I don’t manage to keep up regularly it’s one of my favourite flit-off-to-destinations.

Although she describes her humour as bleak, I always find myself smiling through reading Mara Eastern’s posts – Mara originally hosted the Poetry101rehab challenge, now homed with Andy Townsend, another fab place to visit. (I must resume entering this weekly challenge too) – and as I’ve created a pingback to this week’s poetry challenge I should really write some! 🙂

'fem' in me, you're kidding - 
i'm an all-in male you see -
yet I'm following all these women, 
(cos they make good things to read...)
I should be careful with that statement
or some might get the wrong the idea
so I'll write my rehab later
and in the meantime wish you Happy New Year!


Usually it’s Ann at GrubbsnCritters making me hungry with foodie posts, but today it’s visiting another good neigbour, Kim L. Hine (and I remind myself I have a long-lingering-liebster post to make at Snailzpace Daily – with apologies for the lengthy delay!)

My Life as Brittney‘s blog often brings me smiles and this weekly topic is such a nice idea…

Last, but by no means least, I usually have no complaints after reading at Zen and Pi and this latest post introduced me to an intriguing thirty day Minamilism challenge… I might not take it up this month, but bearing it in mind…

So, that’s the whole afternoon reading blogs – and I’m much happier with myself for the catch-up visiting, it’s been on my mind for a while, all these places I love to go read but fail to make enough regular time. Of course there are more, but I’ve ventured far enough for one day – and there is a part 2 to this post to write up yet! …






Neighbourhood – part 1A

3Days, 3 Quotes -day 3

The poet T.S.Eliott died on this day, January 4th, 1965, aged 76. In his memory and in small celebration of his life and work, I bring this quote:


I enjoyed this challenge from Ann at GrubbsnCritters,  stretching myself a bit to find not only quotes (or ‘quotations’ perhaps?), but to find and edit images (from, overlaying the text … a small thing yes, but something I often avoid… and I reserve the right in the future to grab a wildcard nomination from one of my challenge posts here and start all over again 🙂

Hot Off the Press: The first respondent post from my recent nominations has been published, and it’s a great read as usual from DrKottoway

The rules are to post 3 quotes over 3 days and nominate 3 bloggers each time to carry on with the challenge.

Some people choose to share three quotes each day, but the usual / minimum is one each day so take your pick and enjoy (with no obligation!)

I nominate the following bloggers to take on this challenge – and recommend visiting their blogs via latest posts from the following links:

It seems such a long time since last February’s Blogging201 and Writing101(Poetry)- and wonderful to find so many classmates blogs still active and inspirational. One of the great things about doing these challenge posts is having a handy reminder link to hand, so maybe it won’t be so long next time but see you again soon 🙂 Happy New Year!

3Days, 3 Quotes -day 3