Well, I’m not sure I’ll be as happy with a new theme as I was with ‘Espied’, but after a year it felt like a change was long overdue. I’d thought my choice of ‘Lyretail’ was decided, until it was activated. Then I didn’t like it at all!

So. I’m trying ‘Minnow’ for a few days. I don’t like that there’s no header and it lacks the hard edginess of ‘Espied’, but so did ‘Lyretail’ and while that theme allowed headers, they tended to camouflage the widget button.

Nothing’s ever as straight-forward as it seems. I’ll give this theme a few days to settle, but will probably either revert back or try another one.

After one brief covering of snow overnight last Saturday night, the English winter quickly returned to slightly warmer, damp and dreary. Although I don’t enjoy the travel disruptions and extra heating costs of ‘a proper winter’, it would be nice to have snow for a bit longer than a few hours!

The daylight’s fading fast and I’ve still not remembered to get a replacement lightbulb while out and about(!) That’s my current excuse for this latest go-slow phase… but hopefully I’ll get around to some proper writing here soon!

So, any feedback regarding theme change would be very welcome. Hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂