2016! Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s over a month since I posted here! Christmas flew by and at my blog here I’m looking forward to my first bloggversary around 19th January 🙂 It’s not turning out at all like the ‘original vision’, but what little does…

Anyway, after a late start and catching my breath from ongoing Christmas and New Year celebrations, I’ll be leaving 2015 reviews for another day soon.


What else might I be looking forward to here… some refreshing and changes? I was itching to switch theme a few weeks ago in blogging101, previewed enough and might just make the leap… What are you looking forward to this New Year?

While I’m at home and able to squeeze in a little time online, I’m taking care of keeping to a threewordsaday challenge over at Snailzpace Daily (having neglected that blog for a few weeks also!); I also have a three days three quotes challenge to pick up on, from Ann at GrubbsnCritters and some nominees to tag to take on th challenge. I’m gonna jump in with that later and pick one quote I saved specially from research during a Writing101 task. I’m also going to push myself to add text to an appropriate image – so, it might get as far as prep with what’s left of today, posting tomorrow (hangover-free, hopefully!).

So, stuff to do and an evening dinner commitment… where no doubt we’ll be discussing more co-learning strategies and blog improvements. On an ad hoc basis, more visiting takes precedence each day of the weekend and waiting on news of Monday to Friday plans for next week. Hopefully the last party for New Year’s will be the weekend following this next one (second weekend in January). It feels like stretching it out a bit, but I’m assured there are other winter festivals to be celebrating in near enough succession yet – other than Chinese New Year, they were too sozzled at the time to tell me any more – and if I wasn’t too lazy / time-pressurised I’d pay a little research time to some. Return to the W that will remain wordless occurs some time after that.

That reminds me: During Writing101, I got stuck at around day 19. I had expected a reliable co-blogger guest post, but they lost the thread and had enough to do with a regular guest blog at Snailzpace Daily. So, I’ve a gap in my writing101 assignment posts and didn’t quite finish Blogging101 either. It’s not a huge priority but it’d be good to finish and then continue with a better plan, hopefully. (So, that’s Writing101, Day20 assignment covered then… that’s the only future I can think and write of at the moment..)

All that’s left to say is… (you can see why I didn’t do the Blogging101 task, announce a feature… sporadic blogging will hopefully pick up to a steady, regular rhythm THIS year…


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2016! Happy New Year!