Alpha Beta Dailey Taley – Effy the Elephant…

Effy the Elephant slacked in her bunk and said ‘I’m fucked off with your shirkin! I’m staying right here, I want breakfast in bed and with lunch I’d like burger with gherkin!”

I said “Eff off, do I look like your slave” and went about with my everyday bees-knees: the laundry, the dishes and sweeping the floors, then a break with a cuppa and biccies.

Effy the Elephant flounced down the stairs and huffed ‘So you’d leave me to starve then? And whats all this, why you sat on your arse? And I really do wish you’d stop laughing!”

But I couldn’t help myself, because her tutu was caught in the back of her knickers, revealing her flabby cheeks and waste high polka dot briefs. I know I’ve spoilt the rhyme in my writing and wondering if it’s enduced enjambment, or if I even understand the term ‘enjambment’.

I’m  a bit too exhausted after sleeping and waking to continue with this daily taley A to Z antedote, but maybe now I’m eased up with my effin’ E I can get on and draft F,G,H,I,J for the rest of the weak ELSEWHERES… still not linkin’ up, you can get off your arse and check out my gravatar for my other blogs, but none of us has eternal time for exploring, so I don’t expect you will or should 😀

Oh! and I’ve got a writing 101 prompt to do here too… 20minute free-writing excercise to do (gawd-help-me-for-being-so-daft!) AND must post my stream of consciousness delirium, whatever that turns out to be. But I’m up to date with my A to Z and I’d be exhausted anyway, even without. Having cheated with an Eff for an easy lay-back page, I’ll maybe be back tomorrow with a Fuh! kind of antidote for A to Z-ing  alpha beta daily taley style… or catching up later in the week, however it turns out…

Alpha Beta Dailey Taley – Effy the Elephant…

Alpha Beta daily taley – Antedote

(Fiction  532 words)

“April Fool’s!” she giggled. I didn’t get the joke and somehow missed the trick. Barely awake as we sat at the kitchen table making our way through breakfast as if there were no tomorrow and the sugar puffs might disappear into thin air …

“Anyway, you’ll be late for school and don’t use all the milk!” I couldn’t help but be abrupt in my tone and manner, but she remained as oblivious to my mood as I was of whatever her idea of the big joke was.

“About time you practise learning your alphabet again Dad, you’ve not been to school for AGES and it’s all going rusty if you don’t practise… you’ve just got to attempt the A to Z challenge!”  “No way you’re a proper blogger till you’ve done that!”

I wondered how she could articulate speech with those spoons full of cereal shovelling back and forth to her mouth, but I kept my thoughts to myself. Anytime soon she’d be out to school and I could have a cuppa in peace, as long she’d not been greedy with the milk.

“So are you are you and your friends doing this challenge thing then Alison?” I asked, trying to sound interested.

“Nah!” she replied, “can’t with a tumblr blog and I’m not changing. I’ve got after school clubs and netball tournaments and exams to revise for and I’ve not had time to forget my alphabet like you must have by now.” She giggled again, almost choking on her breakfast.

“So what do you have to do for this challenge thing then and why is it such a big deal?” I wasn’t all that interested really, but a parent has to make an effort however annoying their offspring might be at that certain age. I should have anticipated the reluctance to converse as soon as I returned apparent interest.

“Oh dad! You’ve got the internet AND a dictionary so look it up! Although it won’t be in a book. You gotta blog it, every day, blog a letter a day. But the dictionary’ll be useful for some words. Keeley says everyone’s mums and dads are doing it. It’ll be on Twitter too, you’d better get one.” She picked up her bowl and slurped the rest of her milk before racing out of the door with a “Gotta go, see ya!” and a heavy handed slam of the door that shook the house,

A to Z challenge I wondered. However did she think I’d ever have time for …

Almost adolescense! At that age I wouldn’t have dreamed of advising my father to re-learn his kindergarten schooling. I picked up my paper and turned to the ads, any annoying offspring antedote available anytime soon?

All this time later I still don’t know what her April Fool’s joke was about and when I asked afterwards, she said she daren’t tell me, and if I didn’t know already then what I didn’t know couldn’t hurt me.

I did the challenge – Alison’s Anecdotes, Beggar’s Belief, Carry on Crazing… she didn’t pay it the slightest attention all April and the only time she ever glanced at one of my blog posts her only assertion was :”Is that all?!”

Alpha Beta daily taley – Antedote

FinishIt#6 challenge response

Challenge prompt from

She was about to board the plane, close to tears and confused. He had brought her to the airport and the goodbye was not easy. They were only friends, but it felt like so much more. She knew what she felt for him but she also knew it would not be possible. He had only just lost his wife 10 months ago and was still grieving. Although there was some kind of chemistry between them, it could just not be. Probably she made it all up. But what if there was more? What if there was love? Would it be possible? She would never find out if she would set foot on the plane which was due to take her back to the other side of the planet.
Please continue…

She turned around, hoping to see him still there waiting for a final wave and still tempted to abandon her journey and walk back toward him, make up some excuse for not leaving, some reason she couldn’t go back home, anything! There was no sign of him, he’d gone. She overfilled with regret for hesitating so long and could hold back the slow trickle of tears no longer as she boarded the plane reluctantly, knowing she had no choice but to leave and return home.

As Paul reached his car in the airport parking lot, he spotted something on the passenger seat. He’d not noticed it before leaving the car to walk Jessica in to the airport, but then he wouldn’t have, he’d been unloading her luggage from the boot as she was getting out of the car. He’d sensed her reluctance about leaving, there’d been an awkwardness between them those last two days as she prepared for her return journey home. He looked at the gift-box on the seat, then spotted Jessica’s bracelet – it looked deliberately placed rather than fallen. He recognised it as the one he and his late wife had bought and sent in the post for Jessica’s fortieth birthday. He sighed, taking his mobile phone from his breast pocket and dialling. No answer. He left voicemail, “Linda, she’s gone. I’ll be there in just over an hour. Love you.”

Jessica dragged herself and her luggage out of the taxi she’d taken from Heathrow and made her way up the steps to her front door. Only it wasn’t ‘her’ front door, it was a shared house of very small flats and she cursed as she found it unlocked again and at this time of night. She locked it behind her and made her way up the stairs with her luggage, carefully and slowly, trying not to wake her neighbours – although she’d never even seen most of them and had no idea who most of the inhabitants of the building were.

She was ready to flake with exhaustion as she reached the door to her own flat, no-one to welcome her, not even a cat or a goldfish. She wondered she’d been kidding herself all these years that having no dependant was a freedom, an advantage. She cursed again as she entered the gloom of her small hallway, finding the light wouldn’t switch on, “Damned electric meter!”she muttered, pressing the emergency credit button and the lights coming back on.

Leaving her luggage behind the door she threw her keys down on the shelf, hung up her coat, kicked off her shoes and made her way into the open plan bed-sitting room she called home. It felt chilly for April but still she needed some fresh air in the place and opened the windows to air the room for a while. She reached for the phone, but thought better of calling America – she’d already blown most of her redundancy money making the trip to New York to see Paul. Instead she used her mobile phone to email, briefly, too exhausted and still hurting from the sense of rejection that he hadn’t begged her to stay, hadn’t made any future plans with her. She’d been sure he would have from their email conversations and facebook chats, he’d been so friendly, so grateful for her support and kind words. So what if he’d been her best friends’ husband? Her best friend was dead now and while she was ill she’d told Jessica how she hoped her husband would move on and find another love in his life and not be left on his own. Jessica had hoped it would be her, they’d seemed to get on so well, have so much in common. She’d wondered that ten months might have been respectfully long enough in those circumstances to spark at least the start of a new relationship and she still convinced herself that maybe they had sparked the start of something special and not to be so negative, only time would tell.

(672 words…to be continued…)

(I was using a computer with no internet connection to write and couldn’t remember the word limit, so having sketched an outline for a continuing story, left it here in case it ws 500 words and needed re-working! The word-limit is actually 3,500…so maybe I’ll finish the story in the next few days… not my usual style, romance, but I am trying to practise all different kinds of writing challenge!)

FinishIt#6 challenge response