Actually, no, non-Affirmative

Affirming – No, I’m not doing the A to Z challenge AGAIN – but I will need an antedote because it’s my first year early weeks blogging and I’m April fool enough to be taking the challenge with three other blogs! So I’ll be back here to scrawl my way out of A-Z-ing somehow but probably or possibly playing along along the way, just not by attachment.

My three posts for A are up, an acrostic poem ‘Avoiding Avoidance’ at Pitter Patter Poetry; a self-help strategy post at Snailzpace Daily and a new artsy blog, from Corner 2 Corner. That’s been on hold for a few weeks – in avoiding avoidance and attackling my aversion to uploading image files I’ve restarted that original blog project on  a smaller scale than planned, taking it one day at a time, A to Z. As I’m having ample enthusiasm for A-Z-ing elsewhere, here I’ll maybe strike the balance with allowing myself a sprinkling of apathy and make no apologies for it – I’m not even going to provide links to my posts, you can find them if you choose to. Isn’t that awkward and awful of me!

My blog here’s staying autonomous of all but creative writing challenges should I have time – not that the A to Z’s not potentially creative writing, but three’s enough and then I have free reign to play here after. I will be under the influence though. (And I’ve not used a dictionary once while here, not even an online one, it’s all just been accumulating and needs to splurge out somehow to alleviate the alphabetical addictiveness …) So, be aware… I am likely to alliterate often if I’m blogging here any A  to Z day… although… well, you don’t ‘AVE to read it, d’ya… and I don’t suppose you are, but I’ll maybe be surprised.

I find it difficult to imagine anyone ever paying attention and reading my stuff… But saying that it’s just the sort of rambling ‘rubbish’ I’d stop and read if someone else were writing it… so, having failed to appease for my absence from posting here for so long, that really is ALL for today’s A … I hope!

… but I might be back tomorrow for another atrocious ‘alpha beta daily taley’ with a bee in my bonnet…mayBE…

Actually, no, non-Affirmative