Theme preview notes (B101)

[Friday 06/11/2015] This page tells me everything I need to know(?) about my current theme shows preview panes for other themes with demo content….

what I need to know now is where I do I find the way to see a preview image of MY blog in a different theme rather than the demo preview? Maybe that’s changed since…?

Ok, that’s a different link in my ADMIN dashboard…does it function the same? NO- this link shows my blog content and structure in the preview panel. I can also save links like this to the theme preview pane: (that looks like it’s for widescreen with a slider – didn’t notice on other screenshots if they had one, this one did)

I also looked at ‘Twotone’ but that’s Premium and I can’t afford it right now anyway, so not linked, but I did have a screenshot.

Might also be interesting to actually take a look at the demo content in themes.

But for now I’ve previewed five not three themes, but only three a bit more in depth. I had thought I didn’t want to change my theme but now I’ve had a little look I’m having second thoughts. ‘Espied’ is quite harsh, intended for portfolio projects really. I do like it in a lot of ways though and haven’t even checked it out properly as far as customisation goes.

*I have some screenshots to take a look at when I’ve slept on it. Maybe I will make a post about theme previews after all…