W101 Day18- yeah?

You may never believe this

Even so I’ll persist

Attentively to tell

Here my tale with no twist


Yes, I’m going to proceed

Except you may never believe…

Actually nor might I

Ha! still I’ll stick with my conceit


Yet I’m inclined to reconsider

Eventually telling here this tale

As I know you may never believe this

Heck – saving it for another day!


When in doubt, or in need of a ‘filler’, hit out an acrostic poem! I suppose I could have gone on with the ‘YEAH, YEAH, YEAH’, but surely three is enough! So, this is my brief ad hoc response to writing101: day 18 (already!) to compose a series of anecdotes/vignettes – not exactly following the brief, though using one of the theme prompts – something to fill the gap in case I don’t come up with something better 🙂



W101 Day18- yeah?