TFIFriday – Gotta run with B101+W101

I’ve been a bit carried away today with more thinking than action time.

Blogging101’s link lovin’ is having to wait until my ‘extra-time-machine’ appearing in yesterday’s writing101 class receives its efficiency upgrade to allow these extra functions of blogging tech improvements. I’ve noted some tasks I might try over the weekend within the realm of today’s assignment.

Between the days necessary domestic duties I did carry out the notebooking observation excercises for writing101 and so far have ‘observing the washing up’ and ‘unseen sunset’ in mind. I might play with another writing excercise while visiting friends this evening for games night. We can’t always all play whatever the game is and so maybe I can get away with doing ‘homework’ with no-one being too interested. We usually kick off with at least one round of ‘Risk’ – but only after Dr Who has finished on the telly*…

I was thinking of making a poll for readers to suggest which option they want me to post, but I’ve ran out of time if I want to see Dr Who and am about to dash round the corner to my friends house. So, in the comments below, what would you like me to post from today’s writing excercises? Option A: ‘Observing the washing-up’; option (B) ‘Unseen Sunset’; (C) Something from games night…

Also, should it be writing or a poem? any preference? Chances are, there’ll be no responses and if so I’ll copy the options onto slips of paper and draw them… so back with one or more of those tomorrow… have a great weekend!

*I clearly did know what day of the week it was yesterday – but Dr Who is on telly on Saturday evenings! We usually play on a Saturday night, but the host has somewhere else to be this Saturday. Last night was BBC Children in Need – and I should’ve remembered that for all the fundraising goings on at work – so I’ll have to catch Dr Who on iplayer, now I’ve been dragged back into watching it every week this series. I missed several series but it’s good to have some kind of telly to talk about with people – it seems to be next topic of popular conversation after the wrather… ‘did you see…?’

TFIFriday – Gotta run with B101+W101

3 thoughts on “TFIFriday – Gotta run with B101+W101

    1. hey, thank you so much for the suggestion – I was nicely surprised to receive a response! As that’ll take some crafting from deciphering my coded scrawl, I’ll work on that later and post something for that tomorrow 🙂 In the meantime, for a quick post today, I’m going with typing my Unseen Sunset… back tomorrow with some games night inspired poetry 🙂

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