B101 day9 – Be Inspired … about commenting

Ok, today’s assignment for Blogging101 depends upon using one of four comments I should have left yesterday, to ‘Be Inspired by the Neighbours’ today…

Whoops – although I hopped about a few neighbouring blogs, I didn’t actually leave any comments(!) Looking at my commenting activity via the reader function demonstrates my lack of commenting confidence (/competence), so I guess I have to work on that one!

Trouble is, by the time I’ve made my post and attend to some browsing/reading, my brain won’t whirr fast enough to think of anything intelligent to say… maybe that’s already occurring during my writing my posts nevermind after!

Also using  that reader activity option doesn’t show any comments left on non-wordpress blogs, nor any held in moderation.

So, I’m taking a rain-check on full completion of  Blogging101 assignments for both yesterday and today. But my post for Blogging101 today is loosely valid, as it is based on recent commenting. The only way to show my comment is by way of this screenshot as I’m unable to link to it:


Well, it’s maybe not a very interesting nor intelligent comment. I imagine though that challenging my friend(s) to come up with something to picture what it might be that these words conjure up could be fun…

This post has been playing on my mind ever since I left this comment – it’s also been reminding me of ‘Object of the Month’ and I’m wondering if that blogging event is still active… I’ve been meaning to drop by…

Back to ‘the blue thing’ I was commenting on – I hope all is well with Ronnie@Hurtlingto60 as there’s been no post since. That ‘blue thing’ is shown in a picture at the bottom of her post with a request to help identify what it actually is. I’ll show it you here in another screenshot in case you happen to know what it is – if so please pop over and let know Ronnie at her post.

mystery blue thing - any ideas?
mystery blue thing – any ideas?

I really enjoyed Ronnie’s writing101 list – the actual subject of her post – of things in one of her kitchen drawers. I was reminded of writing poems for Writing201:Poetry back in February when we were asked to write an Ode to a Drawer or something we keep in a drawer. One of mine was ‘Ode to an Old Blue Map Pin’; I wrote a few, I’ll have to dig them out. I’m also wondering now what other odds and ends I could find in my own clutter hideaways to be inspired by…

I also really must get round to changing my gravatar pic, it’s really annoying me. It was created with help of some friends when I started blogging. Originally I was trying to learn blogging to help with their group stuff. Nothing’s ever come of that as everyone gets busy with other things and their ideas are still all up in the air. I’ve been carrying on learning and attempting to develop my own writing practice – there’s a long way to go yet. So, I’ll find something that looks a little less… uniquely territorial… something a bit more ‘me’ and not at all ‘them’!

B101 day9 – Be Inspired … about commenting

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