W101 (+B101) day7- tweet header

Finding inspiration via Social Media…

This is my choice of prompt from the suggested five examples, very apt it is too!

Yes, unfortunately it’s true: whenever I am blogging I am worrying about tomorrow’s work! Why? Because however strict I am about evening time keeping to try and get to bed early for enough sleep, I often think ‘I’ll just visit…’ and the hours can be so so easily swallowed! I did it yesterday evening, feeling obliged to check out some other writing101 blogs having finished my post by 9pm – my usual cut-off time. Realistically I need to have everything on and offline finished before 9pm to be in bed by 9pm – not 11pm! I need that last hour before bed to be relaxing time not pressuring myself to just do this or quick get that done, otherwise it’s difficult getting to sleep.

My first day off for the weekend is Friday and every Friday I am catching up with sleep missed earlier in the week. Every weekend I am too exhausted to do all the things I’d like to do with my ‘free-time’. Before I know it it’s Monday again!

Maybe I shouldn’t have signed up for both blogging101 and writing101 at the same time, but so far keeping minimally to task each day. At least feeling like I’m achieving a little extra each day…

Blogging101 and to continue to personalise…

I’ve never bothered with a header here before. I don’t think I want one really. I’m leaving it where it is to settle for a few days now I’ve gone to the small trouble of adding one. I checked it looks ok in the responsive view preview for phone and tablet and seems ok.

I’ve taken the easy option for today and gone with an image already in my media library, one of my photos. Maybe I’ll play another day with cropping other areas from the same photo, maybe overlay my title and tagline. I’ll have to dig out some other photos and see what else I might use. I just spotted I can have randomised headers in this theme so might try that at the weekend if time and see how that works out.

As for widgets, I already have lots of these set-up in my sidebar from blogging201 earlier this year. I’ll take my time with thining if they need some attention or if I missed any.

So, day 7 done for now 🙂 Back tomorrow to see what our taskmasters have lined up next for writing101 and blogging101…

W101 (+B101) day7- tweet header

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