W101&B101-day 6: Writing out and About…

Is there something you’d like me to write about? Do you like to read a certain genre or have preference for length? Maybe you’d like to issue a writing challenge (with a two week deadline)? Fore-warned to ready for day15 W101 assignment to base writing on reader suggestions, if you have any and have a moment to spare to share, please leave a comment or use my contact form. Thank you 🙂

Writing 101day6: Space to Write

I tend to have better concentration / focus for writing when out of the house. I like being inspired by observations or overheard remarks and incorporating these. I’m mostly writing in short bursts and fragments – intending one day to string things together into tangible wholes, but never quite getting around to it.

I’d like more headspace to write! The geographic / physical location is unimportant as long as I have paper and pen/pencil. On journeys it’s difficult to write by hand as a passenger on a bus or in a car, so then I use the notepad in my mobile phone. The downside to that is I’ve never yet figured how how to upload my text files to my computer and have no idea if they’re compatible anyway. So anything I want to use has to be re-typed or copied by hand. Needless to say I am slow getting around to such things and they just accumulate, one after the other, barely looked at again. ‘Maybe one day…’

My ideal setting for writing is is a six-month (or more) retreat at a holiday villa in Spain or somewhere warm and sunny where I can relax with no worries and no other demands on my time and energy. I’d have all my notes and fragments and false starts with me and get on with making something(s) of it all.

Blogging101 task was to write an About page:

I noticed last week that my About page was very out of date. For simplicity I’ve simply replaced my previous About page with a new updated one here (you may have already been there if you clicked for my contact form as they’re on the same page). I would maybe like to use a text widget but don’t have time right now, so that’s shelved for  maybe a future challenge.

Yet again I’ve posted for the assignments and am about out of blogging time for reading others! I have to try and write my posts more quickly to be left with any week night reading time!

W101&B101-day 6: Writing out and About…