B101+W101- day 5 (preview) Hook, Line and Thinker


“Newton’s time it was possible for an educated person to have a grasp of the whole of human knowledge, at least in outline. But since then, the pace of the development of science has made this impossible.” 
 ― Stephen Hawking,   A Brief History of Time  

I used the suggested resource at http://www.goodreads.com/quotes to dig out my quote – or rather several, but I’m only using this one today. I’m aware I’m expected to write something to extend my use of the quote, but I’m either too exhausted or too lazy or both. Hence, one reason for titling this post (preview)…

I also chose this quote because I have this book somewhere(!)  – I was actually going to take a photo of my book to illustrate another quote. Camera to hand but no batteries, a battered old BB that refuses to take a good photo for scratched lens and has no flash on a dull day and one book buried I don’t know where…

This particular quote also reminds me of how fast technology is changing not only in hardware but software. Everything’s becoming less user-friendly, more reliant on needing someone you pay to fix things that in ‘the day’ you might stand a chance of sorting out yourself. That’s why I like my dino-tech and am not replacing things! Maybe I’ll be so old by the time they wear out I won’t bother with technology anymore. Maybe it’ll take me all my time to read a good book like ‘A Brief History of Time’. Maybe by then I’ll even have grown to understand it enough and finally make sense of the world better. Hopefully I’ll find my book before then and …

‘Hook ’em with a quote’ says today’s writing101 assignment…

…and that sentence, above, is how my theme displays a Blockquote. Some blog themes apparently place a (subtle) vertical line along the left hand side of the text, others seem to use the ‘quote’ icon and I’ve no idea how many other ways there might be – until I play with themes more.

To achieve what I recognise as an obvious blockquote I used the ‘pre-formatted’ drop-down option in my text toolbar. (I know at least one good friend who has been tearing their hair out for not finding how to make the grey background box! Now if ever she bothers actually reading my blog properly, she will maybe find the answer she seeks!)

The illustration I used is one of Shafali’s amazing drawings for the Creativity Carnival event – I only managed to enter a couple and have been meaning to revisit. I’ve been meaning to revisit lots of my fave places… Anyway, as soon as I saw Newton in that quote I thought of this picture. And how science ensures we are less likely to find a maggot or worm in our apple these days … and how a worm or maggot is good bait for a line… to hook with a quote… tying myself in knots with a couple of thinkers… hence the title…

I really hadn’t realised how much fun looking for a quote to use and making a post with it could be – nor how lost in time I could find myself! I might even play with quote-hunting, look round some other resource sites and try different ways of making posts using quotes – seeing as it’s the weekend and there are no assignments and I am up-to-date with tasks enough. I might start scheduling for December when I’ll be busy with other things.

The final reason for the title (preview) is that blogging101 task for today is to preview three themes – I’m having a quick look at that next, but don’t expect it’d make a very interesting post 🙂

Catch you next time 😉





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