B101+W101 day4- seen, my ideal reader? (6word story)

photo-1427805371062-cacdd21273f1-winwoodsShe cannot see wood for the trees.

I’m calling that a six word story. I’ve never written one before! The image suggests all manner of potential stories. As the story goes, ‘another day’ I might write a story. The six word story may become the title, or simply the the ‘theme’. This image (attribution-free from unsplash.com) was one of four offered for a writing101 prompt. I’m not in writing mindset, as you can see: I also cannot see the wood for the trees. But I wrote it ‘prompt’ …

Blogging101 suggests writing today with our ideal reader in mind. Allegedly most people these days have very short attention spans. I can’t remember the number of new blogs that are created every minute of every day but it’s quite astounding. I have no idea who my ‘ideal reader’ is, usually. Today, for the sake of argument, it is someone who loves a six-word story, or has a slightly longer attention span than that to read a couple of paragraphs more that actually say nothing much.

The second part of the blogging101 assignment is to ‘add a new element’ suggesting embedding social media as one option. I don’t care for that idea much. Adding images was another option. I mostly don’t add images to my posts, so it’s not exactly ‘new’ to do so, but that’s my offering for that task too. Quite lazy for not even finding the image for myself but using a ‘given’… Again, ‘another day, maybe…’

There, now I feel I’m up to date with tasks enough, I can maybe try some reader time again and meet my promise to myself to look at some other writing101 and blogging101 blogs…maybe even drop in at the Commons…or maybe save that treat for more time tomorrow…

B101+W101 day4- seen, my ideal reader? (6word story)

One thought on “B101+W101 day4- seen, my ideal reader? (6word story)

  1. bravo! I like short, I find I am doing short poem-sort-of-like things for writing 101 this time round, my time is short, others is short…..even I move on when i see a whole Lotta words….I have never tried the six word idea though.


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