B101+W101 day3- hope(fully) readered and following…

Writing 101 one-word writing prompt: HOPE

(…and I am keeping it prompt or I’ll never be in bed in time to be up in time in the morning!)

Hope is one of the things I have in abundance and have no idea how to give it up. Except I am giving it up – as soon as I manage a quick ad hoc acrostic poem with HOPE. Then I’m giving it up as I have nothing clever to write about Hope and my brain’s draining fast from forcing myself to blog-hop and read just a little. So, I hope to return to tackling the one-word prompt better with another word and better inspiration another day.

I can’t help but hope it rains tomorrow evening and for the next however many days so my neighbours don’t have to put up with my dog barking at midnight for the incessant late-night bangs and whooshes.  I don’t hope to go to any bonfire celebrations myself because I don’t like to leave my poor dog alone fretting.  i hope for rain and hope then to get a better night’s sleep early enough in the evening to actually be awake by the time I have to wake up. oh, except Friday, Saturday and Sunday I am allowed a lay in. So I hope it rains Sunday and that everyone gets their fireworks over and done by then.  Fireworks every evening forever is annoying and gets so boring! But then why hope for rain? I hope to get to bed soon because you see I am making no sense … so hopefully poetry:

However I muddle along

Optimistically humming life’s song

Putting worries aside, I’ll continue to try and

Expect nothing much more everlong.

That kind of breaks the rules because it seems to have a life of it’s own limerick type rhythm, so should have five lines, not four – but then I’m not calling it a Limerick poem but an acrostic poem, so I will allow myself this last HOPE!

Blogging101 task today to follow five new tags and five new blogs in the Reader. So much for not reading anything till the weekend – mind my visits have all been rather brief – but it still seems to take a chunk of time and energy. Before I could justify following any new blogs I just had to pay a few quick existing blog-neighbour visits first – so I flew-by five blogs I already follow too. I followed five new tags and followed one new blog in each of those results.Task DONE 🙂

I haven’t even looked at any other blogging101 or writing101 blogs yet, that’ll be my tomorrow evening into the weekend task – maybe I’ll look for three in each class a day that I really want to follow – having again visited some existing neighbours first or I’ll feel dreadfully slack about being such an inconsistent poor follower!

so far so good 🙂 day one to three of each class assignment complete 🙂

B101+W101 day3- hope(fully) readered and following…

5 thoughts on “B101+W101 day3- hope(fully) readered and following…

    1. hi Ann 🙂 I think any brutality is usually self-imposed rather than forced on us by the class 🙂 I am allowing myself slacking for other commitments and trying to be sensible about what is achievable at the moment. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 😉


      1. True that! Brutal if you add on other tasks you have to do. Obviously I imposed that on myself when I took the class..I just cannot stand not doing the assignments, but I can cope with being behind. And you have the right approach to it. 🙂

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