B101+W101 -day 2 – title, tagline & triple take on a list

I’m not at all sure what I’ll be doing with this blog personalising-wise, but … today’s blogging101 task asked us to consider changing (or adding) the blog title and tagline: The title has always been my username/url and I never really gave it much thought until today. It’s really small in the Espied theme, but what I have now will do fine for now and that’s today’s task achieved. Phew!

So, as you’ll see at the top left of the page, providing you have good eyesight or a magnifying lens, we still have ‘Working It Out’ for the tagline and now have ‘so Far So Stu’ – spaced, giving a kind of ‘courier’ retro font effect maybe? I kind of like the visual impact of spacing it like that. So, subject to change maybe – but you know how long it takes me to get around to anything!

Writing101 day 2 task had some good suggestions to maybe incorporate – including a fiction option that looked tempting. However I’ve got about three minutes per list as my maximum time limit for this task: make a list of (1) things you like; (2) things you’ve learnt and (3) things you wish (I’m changing that last one to things I HOPE, cos I’m saving my three wishes for a rainier day than today).

3 Things I Like:

  • Rage Against the Machine;
  • Blogging with WordPress;
  • Not owning a motor vehicle and all things low-tech / retro.

3 Things I Have Learnt:

  • That I’m very forgetful and need to remember or remind myself better;
  • That you can survive quite a long time with a bag of porridge, a bag of flour and water (as long sugar, salt, bicarbionate of soda, margarine/vegetable oil and a little enough electricity or camping gas stove/barbecue fuel are available, preferably a bit more than that, like peanut butter and jam and maybe a tin of beans and some eggs etc.) – so to remember to be grateful for all the luxuries we ‘poor’ ‘people have in our everyday lives;
  • That in winter when there’s no heating available a woolly hat is essential even for sleeping or hypothermia will set in, moreso if food is scarce. To thank goodness this winter should be nothing like the last -even if there’s an ice age! To spare a thought, and where possible some action, for those currently being persecuted by the UK welfare state and left in such negligent conditions of deprivation and need.

3 Things I Hope:

  • That I can see my mother, and my kids and grandkids and other family this Christmas / New Year;
  • That I can work until I’m ninety plus and have a strong walking stick to fight the interfering busy-bodies off;
  • That I can afford  a new mobile phone before my current 2011 Blackberry finishes falling to pieces – and that I can actually find a good one because they all look like annoying rubbish (other than for the internet, which mine never has done well at all) – oh and a new camera… erm, a drum machine to play with if not a kit … erm, a new Playstation One memory card and controller so I can play that again… erm… to not ever make a stupid wishlist and to remember to be careful what I wish for, if I ever wish at all… 

Oops! It’s not that I can’t count, nor that I don’t know when to stop, but that’s the trouble with lists the ‘oh and…’. So there, I feel a bit better for giving it a bit more or less than ten minutes.

Oh, and I’m being deliberately reserved about tags and link drops while my blog’s so neglected. I want time to get it patched up a bit first, besides i don’t like dropping a link and running and everyone’s reader’ll be busy enough to not notice my absence 🙂 My reading time’s not possible until  Thursday or Friday and then over the weekend, maybe I’ll catch up 🙂

B101+W101 -day 2 – title, tagline & triple take on a list