B101+W101 day1-intros

Although I have quite limited time, this month I’m taking two BloggingU courses. I’m combining tasks from Blogging 101 and Writing101 tasks for day 1 to make this very quick post:

Writing 101 asks: ‘Why do you write?’

I write because it’s a good hobby / past-time, I enjoy a challenge and I need more practice!

This is the second run of a new writing101 course ‘Finding Daily Inspiration’ and has been highly recommended by a blogging friend. It’s apparently nothing like the previous writing101 course which I failed to finish. As you see I’ve not taken up the suggestion to set a timer for 15 to 30 minutes to free-write this answer as I have to keep weekday evening posts short. I’ll maybe do that at some future point, although to be honest, I have a lot of ‘I will at some future point’ tasks on a perpetual to do list somewhere…

Blogging101 asks ‘Who am I and why am I here?’

I’m known as Stu πŸ™‚ I enjoy blogging but haven’t kept up a consistent habit and my blog here is neglected. I’m hoping the blogging101 framework will help me improve my blog. I’m looking forward to making some long overdue changes… new theme perhaps – or probably – adding a header definitely… and I need to get into the habit of adding pictures. I might even change the blog name as its purpose has changed…

B101+W101 day1-intros

One thought on “B101+W101 day1-intros

  1. I quite like this theme on my mobile phone, seems really smooth so far. Quite like it without the header. Should I apologise for not paying attention – nah, course not! By the way, while ur sofa-hopping can someone else’s shoe cupboard house your cheesey old trainers? No wonder Colleen’s auntie won’t let you leave stuff there! My mum wouldn’t want them in her shoe cupboard neither! Can’t you commission one of the desperado-doofers to paint them for you or something? They look about ready for the bin! πŸ˜‰ I’ll get back at you some more later seeing as you were begging more banter! Happy notebooking, hopefully πŸ™‚


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