W101 Day18- yeah?

You may never believe this

Even so I’ll persist

Attentively to tell

Here my tale with no twist


Yes, I’m going to proceed

Except you may never believe…

Actually nor might I

Ha! still I’ll stick with my conceit


Yet I’m inclined to reconsider

Eventually telling here this tale

As I know you may never believe this

Heck – saving it for another day!


When in doubt, or in need of a ‘filler’, hit out an acrostic poem! I suppose I could have gone on with the ‘YEAH, YEAH, YEAH’, but surely three is enough! So, this is my brief ad hoc response to writing101: day 18 (already!) to compose a series of anecdotes/vignettes – not exactly following the brief, though using one of the theme prompts – something to fill the gap in case I don’t come up with something better 🙂



W101 Day18- yeah?

Map – W101 Day 17

Where in the world do I start? (Image from pixabay.com)


Meticulous ways

Around and about, along

Pathways homeward bound.


Meandering days

Approaching nowhere faster

Potentially stayed.


Mindfully journey

Away near and far to yet

Persist to the end.


Map – W101 Day 17

off course and not cut out for IT (Mining – W101-day16)

Writing101 Day 16 asks us to ‘mine your own material’, suggesting scanning draft posts as one option (or archival tweets / facebook posts etc.)

So, I thought I’d take a look in my neglected draft posts and have stumbled upon this one that caught my attention. I can’t remember what the original idea was, as there is no ‘draft’, just this title: “off course and not cut out for IT”. Chances are, I’ve some notes somewhere else, but that’s not helpful in the moment of making a quick post(!)

I do have to be quite quick, and, for a snail like me, that’s a challenge in itself. I have veered ‘off course’ with these classes, as I’m now behind with ‘assignments’. W101 Day 2’s ‘make a list’ practise came in handy, as I made a list of catch-up to-do’s awaiting. My ‘extra-time machine provided in W101 day9 isn’t programmed yet and so is non-operational. That’s a shame.

I was all set for catching up at the weekend, but life had other ideas in mind – or rather two damsels in distress in need of assistance, a neighbouring friend and my daughter. The first in need of muscle to help lift and fix a blown-down fence but she had to make to do and mend with my assistance; the second in need of money, which typically, is mostly the only time she’ll call out of the blue. So two rescue missions and my weekend time eaten up with trying to help others and I’m still lagging behind for my failings.

Blogging101 finished last week, but I’ve a lot still to do, in my own time and won’t stress about it. I’ve some writing101 tasks I missed and will get to those along the way, but thought I should just plough ahead with today’s task and see where it takes me.

I’ve been nominated for the three days three quotes challenge and today isn’t tomorrow and I’ve yet to make a start – as soon as I have this ‘extra-time’ I need. Apologies to Ann who nominated me for delaying, but I won’t forget and will make a start sometime soonish…

Image from pixabay.com




off course and not cut out for IT (Mining – W101-day16)