BUW101-Ass05-1 – be brief

Today’s assignment twist is to write in as few words as possible, the prompt being to imagine stumbling across a letter on the path, reading it and being deeply affected. Here’s my ad hoc response:

I’d gone to the bus stop to wait for a bus to town. It was earlier than usual for me, but I was running late. There were lots of people around, on their way to work or taking kids to school. I was busy on my mobile phone trying to send an urgent email to explain my late arrival to an appointment.

A crowd had passed and a falling page had caught my eye, but I hadn’t noticed which of the passing figures had dropped it. I picked it up, a letter, addressed to ‘My Love’. I was intending to shout that I’d found it but the words on the page caught my eye and left me stunned. I don’t wish to repeat what I read as the words were so deeply personal and disturbing.

I considered trying to catch up with the group that had passed to try and return the letter but by now they were disappearing out of sight. I was already late and my bus had arrived.The lady in the queue next to me sat behind me on the bus and wanted to read it, she was quite stroppy when I refused.

After my appointment I bought envelopes and a stamp, placed the page inside, copied the adress to the envelope, enclosed a brief note explaining that I’d found it but had been unable to shout in time to return it. It was such a relief that there’d been an address on that page to forward it by post to the writer. I’m not sure if they were intending sending it themselves but at least they would have it returned to them.


BUW101-Ass05-1 – be brief

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