writing 101 – thoughts in introduction (and learners of English)

If you’re visiting from Writing101, hallo and welcome! 🙂

I should say first, that sometimes my style of writing is colloquial UK English, often specific to my region not just my nation and if you do not understand what I mean or it’s difficult to read because of that, then please say so. My use of correct grammar also sometimes gets muddled while I’m writing and I don’t always notice.

I try to respond to comments if a reader has taken the time to leave a comment. I also think I have a contact form on my blogs but do forget to check email. I’m on twitter @6bloc9 – but also forget to check that some days! I’m always on my blogs at the moment so catch comments quite quickly 🙂

I struggled with deciding whether or not to even join in with Writing 101 this time round as I’ve a lot of other things going on and to do. However, I wanted the challenge of writing to these task briefs even though they’re not very inspiring at first glance. It does depend how you interpret and use them. Seeing the prompts as an assignment brief and just writing something that fits for practising writing at all seems helpful for me as a learner. I might revisit them along the way, so my usual titling says BUW101, then ass (number) with a dash and then the response number. Why do them again? Just to generate writing practise, drafts for future use… I dunno, not like I don’t have enough to do without doing these things again, we’ll see. just ever hopeful of managing to do more and to make better with it I suppose.

I’m not as clever as many of the writers giving these task prompts an unusual creative twist, but I sometimes wonder how well practised or prepared they might be in the responses they present. Of course some are just superbly imaginative and creative and perhaps used to writing fiction or other types of formal or creative writing. We all have very different reasons for writing anything at all and for being in the commons or taking part in Writing 101. It’s a fascinating place to be with such variety of people, backgrounds and task responses and a wonderful and accessible way of continuing learning.

I’ve left a post on the Commons for English learners who are writing with English not being their original native language. With so many posts, most won’t see it, so I thought I may as well write something on my own blog too. In part it’s also a title test to help answer another participant’s question about url formation so this post is titled differently, but isn’t a task response.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, one of the reasons I joined Writing 101, is to have a  way of helping others in the world with their English reading and writing eg to offer feedback and support by trying to answer specific questions. Also, as  a way to help my learning about helping learners of English as a Second Language and to learn about other places, people, cultures also. I’d like to be a volunteer (or working) helping people with learning but cannot get out of the house enough at the moment. So joining in Writing 101 helps toward that as well as hopefully to help my own writing.

There, I’ve written enough for a brief introduction and to test this url question for someone else on the Commons – I’ve taken too long, ithat question’s probably been answered already!

Feel free to comment, ask a question or introduce yourself in the comment section below and please leave a link to your Writing 101 blog if you would like me to read there, especially if it’s not shown on your gravatar. Thanks for reading this far. Bye for now 🙂

PS – I enjoy reading all types of information and writing but have quite a short attention span quite a lot of the time. I also don’t have time or inclination to watch videos much or look at lots of photos 🙂

writing 101 – thoughts in introduction (and learners of English)

6 thoughts on “writing 101 – thoughts in introduction (and learners of English)

  1. Lucky me that you’ve made up your mind and decide to join this writing 101.. I guess I will disturb you as much as I can, just because you’ve invited me too in this post! 😆

    Thanks for responding to my prompt, that was so kind of you…


    1. No problem 🙂 I enjoyed reading your post and it does help me with considering my own writing too. I’m trying to work on all my blogs every day but enjoy the distraction of reading others and like to help if I can, now reading your edited version 🙂


  2. That’s very kind of you to offer helping learners of English, Stu! I Concise, specific and constructive feedback are hard to come by, too! Kudos to you for doing this – and I hope someone takes up your offer. My grammar’s horrible – so feel free to correct them when you spot them on my blog! 😀


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