BUW101-ass02-1 A room with a view

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?
I’d take a fly through time and space to the future, to a new home, somewhere safe and affordable. Shelter from the cold of winter with all available amenities in good working order. I’d be in working order myself and have independent means somehow. No more week to week, month to month wondering will there still be electric, internet, food? No more can I afford the cost of more than one shower a week? No more worry that this is the occasion that the wrongly wired shower unit might electrocute me during ablutions.

My Christmas tree stands in a corner, gloriously radiant and sparkling. The table’s set for a buffet tea with the grand-children and their presents are wrapped ahead of time and stacked ready for collection during their visit.

My fridge freezer’s bursting with good healthy food and a few beers, a bottle of wine even. The kitchen doesn’t look like a shed! A place for everything and everything it’s place, where the kitchen cupboards are fit to store food and food storage no longer takes living room space. A proper kitchen type floor and no more dust and dirt from a private landlord’s disrepair and the expectation that a private tenant will not only shoulder the burden of debts for excessive unfair rent, but will also use credit to pay for and make good such necessary improvements themselves.

Somewhere on a level. The spare energy to take excercise and build stamina, maybe go for a walk. Somewhere the local kids don’t kick a football against my living room wall. Enough spare lightbulbs for every room and no more need for a wind-up torch indoors during darkness of evenings.

A yard big enough to stretch my legs and have some small gardening enjoyment and still see some sky. No more sprawling hedge higher than my reach, having to balance on a step-ladder on boggy ground to try and keep the height and width down, a few feet at a time and not completed before winter. A garden fence that isn’t blowing over in the wind and so doesn’t need tying to opposite fence posts one way and propping the other, nor needs patching with any pieces of furniture or improvised household items that can be spared.

Windows that are reachable for fresh air and with plenty of daylight. Doors that can be locked when I leave the house knowing there’ s no previous tenant or private landlord coming in while I’m out and no need to blockade a falling apart back-door. Not having to worry about answering the front door to be faced with more excessive rent demands or debt collectors.

A place where I can be well enough to decorate and use the gallons of paint I bought after moving in. A place not too far from a bus-stop and nearer family and friends. A place that family and friends don’t mind visiting. A place to not only call home but to make home and a place to remain…

If I could zoom through space at the speed light, would I leave this home behind?

BUW101-ass02-1 A room with a view

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