B’eez in meh bonnet antedote – a-free-a-z-freewrite

Why just as I’m about to free-write to do the BRAKES kick-in and BRAIN says no you gotta BITE THE BULLET and blows me away from getting my breakfast again nearly an hour after leaving my Snailzpace Daily Blog BEHIND  to get BREAKfast! And not yet eaten! Dinner time, otherwise known at my house as D-er time! Doh!

And what happens is, I can SEE the page I wanna make here and it’s NOT a free-write page AND it has a picture! A picture my artist friend calls ART or says she has made art of. I nearly put it in our art blog post for B, but thought better of and made a BALLS-up of a post for B instead with BUTTONS (and balls and more…). You might enjoy reading our artsy blog posts so far and there are lots of images, just not high resolution ones – and they are all our own images, NB: no borrows.

So, there is a BEE in my bonnet about BENEFITS and BIRDS and meeting the BULLET … now current UK politics might not be about getting the bullet to the back of the hed just before landing in a ready made pit or a ditch BUT the war on welfare is a way of bringing holocaust type consequences of slow and painful death or potential death to disabled people. BENEFITS climants aren’t getting any benefit at all in a BUCKET-load of BIG numbers whie the governement COOKing BOOKs can appear as convincing as buggery-and-be-damned C’zing the day tomorrow and my writing-style’s no good at all for the BLIND…

There, I hit a 250 word target and now off to BREAK fast (I hope!) before …

B’eez in meh bonnet antedote – a-free-a-z-freewrite

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