Alpha Beta dailey taley – Bulleted, C and D…

WIO~B~Bitten the Bullet

and some BIRD calls this art …

(I can’t remember her ‘working title’ and I’ve not added her / our copyright so I might be in for a jackass kick to the BACKSIDE and not in my own BACKYARD or the dog will have bird for breakfast… I’m about to have mine, cornflakes, then I’ve got to get on with my C’s for tomorrow… (that was at time of drafting, missed hitting publish, too drained to free-write C or D along way, so publishing this now for a C and D Sunday… as there not only words but also C and D words in this tale.

She (C) says, one of her personal friends achieved his Foundation Diploma by making paintings of real dead chickens – headless chickens or those with their necks wrung. He progressed to becoming a fully-qualified art graduate with WORK like standing a ladder against a  gallery wall and placing a real dead fly on a gallery-wall-shelf. We’re sure there was more to it than that, of course.

She, being an artistic friend of mine, embracing relective practice in fine form, BELIEVES her original artist friend might even agree that her photo is art. BOTH or neither of them would BE BOTHERED if no-one in the world agreed with them. So is that just artists BEEFING the other up? He want on to fully-qualified flaneuring and flouncing about floating his boat in fine style and she want on to make art of all sorts and reflected on his fly by placing a real dead bee on an abstract paper flower for a 2012 Jubilee piece in a Jubilee themed art exhibition.

STILL, it does make my blood boil that there are BUFFOONS who shoot at BIRDS and this one clearly got the bullet and then had it’s neck wrung by a compassionate BY-PASSer who left it in the road. BEing as she is, BONKERS, Colette made a special trip back to the site sometime later and I’m not putting that picture up whatever she calls it. Art or not, a fully formed BULLETed BIRD in the middle of the road is one thing, but blogging one after traffic???

Some people wouldn’t know what to make of any of it, I’m sure and probably say, ‘how IS IT art?’, or, that it’s rubbish. This dead bird could have done with a BLACK BAG and BINning but he/she was BIODEGRADEABLE and the final photo shows there was nothing much left for a burial after BURNT rubber.

So, that’s life, or it was… BYE for now… C’ya witha cheerier post for tomorrow, mayBE…

Alpha Beta dailey taley – Bulleted, C and D…

2 thoughts on “Alpha Beta dailey taley – Bulleted, C and D…

    1. Hi Kitt, thankyou for that, I’m struggling with confidence and ‘art-writing at the moment, so your encouraging response is very much appreciated and all the more valued for your not being ‘a fancy art student or professor’. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Nice to bump into you again 🙂 Happy Easter

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