In Solitude (micro-fiction )

In solitude, she stood by the window, not looking out but looking down, to the ground, eyes almost closed but seeing, clearly. The bookshelves had gathered dust for decades, the air was musty and dense. The pale December sunlight brightened her room just enough to make out her reflection in the large gilt framed mirror above the mantel piece. She may have been cold as marble but beneath her hard exterior she sheltered pure emotion. She struggled to keep herself from sneezing as the maid dusted and polished in time to her la-la-lah-ing to the tune “I Am A Rock”.

(100words) written in response to the challenge atย

100word flash fiction based only on song lyrics, title and tune, this week “I Am A Rock” by Simon and Garfunkel… lyrics can be found at

In Solitude (micro-fiction )

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