to meet a promise …

In Loving Memory of a dear Friend, a “sister”, Alison M. Hoult

b,1964,d.1998 (Notts, UK)

Alison’s Decanter, gifted mid-1990s, a special object from a treasured friend. Alison was a wonderful person and a talented story-teller herself, with great empathy, goodwill and a bubbly sense of humour. She is sadly missed by many but so fondly remembered by so many more. She had tremendous presence in person and online while the rest of us took a decade to catch up with the internet. We were truly blessed to have known her as a friend in our lifetimes and carry her with us in our hearts Always…

to meet a promise …

10 thoughts on “to meet a promise …

  1. My object of the month for the March prompt ‘serendipity’ should have been blogged by now, but I’ve not yet found the object I was aiming to use and been very busy. So late with that post, it’s simply a brass ornamental teapot that I dug out while making a border during my first gardening sessions at my first house having just moved out of a flat and loving having a garden. I always imagined it being an object that held some history of the house and previous occupants. When my son was little we’d pretend it was a genie and the lamp type object and what would we wish by polishing it… I’ve ben wondering it could help trigger long past memories to aid writing / story-telling, so it was my choice for being a souvenir of those early parenting times over two decades ago. Now it’s stuck in a box somewhere in the house, so no post yet… and next month’s prompt due soon… (this is a kind of note to self, but also to link it with this post for February’s object / participation)


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