Group authoring a blog …

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I’ve only ever seen one obviously group-authored blog, that of The Bookmark Project in 2011, a n0c0 initiative involving approx. 10 to 12 professional Nottingham artists and writers. I spent some time trying to fathom what on earth the real world version of the project was about.

Although in the Study at the gallery there were clear signs of bookmarked books (slips of papr, often scrap, inserted into books, to state the obvious!) it wasn’t clear at all what the aims of the project actually were and I had to assume a research group with unseen results. There were plans to make a zine apparently but I must have missed sight of that in the real world (although there was something else a bit later and I missed that too!)  I checked the group blog fairly regularly for signs of life and new posts, but it remained very inactive after the initial few posts.

I guess Wayne Burrows was the lead blogger as it appeared he was the only author posting for quite sometime but eventually there was a post or two by Aaron Juneau. I maybe gave up checking and missed any newer posts but the blog no longer exists so I couldn’t check. Wayne Burrows currently has a fantastic blog full of information about the official/profesional Nottingham art scene with some fantastic articles and examples of his poetry and other works.

It can be extremely difficult, even with a tangible real world group to bring people together in both online and off-line activities for collaboration. Building trust and keeping momentum and interest while overcoming barriers and obstacles can be impossible.

(I think it’s f***ed off friday!)

At one time I trained (basic level) in community and group work skills aiming at that time to eventually become a community artist. The way that term is used in contemporary practice appears very different to how I assumed a community artist would work at that time and during my time as an art student so I gave up that aspiration because it’s not what it should in arts employment sector. Oh and because I would be expected to work as much as possible for nothing (while unable to work!) while people in paid jobs took credit for any group working success – but probably not any failures. I was offered my bus fares refunding but wasn’t fit to catch the bus that far and hadn’t had those I’d had to spend already refunded, while “training” didn’t tackle essential areas of group work skills training (although I’d some training before you would expect coverage of specific organisational procedures, safe-guarding procedures, any necessary record-keeping etc). Materials were provided for a community group including expensive cartridge paper but no good drawing matrials just HB pencils and chalks and one set of marker pes for a whole group with squeezy bottles of poster paint with no brushes and quite a poor range of materials for the funding budget. The trainees (incuding group participants) weren’t (well-if at all) consulted about how to use the budget, and once it was gone it was gone (that’s the local authority for us!) – of course you can use paint without brushes but no-one seemedto want to …they maybe resolved all those things after I left by moving…

This post has lost focus and turned into another whinge so i’ll sort it out later, post anyway, scat-cat-snail! leaving by moving, nice cuppa tea…

Group authoring a blog …

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