epityemologloggically …

A little game of lexicography dragged out, as games do tend. … science of discworld and nature of writes… slipped out of practice and the influence of artists -one in particular especially enthused for the long-forlorn low-tech and following their direction for a way of creating a micro-scope.

Epityemologically, it’s been a very long day. Two, in fact. Yesterday, after a solid seven hours job searching, (breaking only for Holocaust remembrance), I had a scientific document trawl around climate change and the environment. Ageing or something.

The night before was Foucault study, trying to fit pieces together to make some sense. The evening before or the day before that was contemporary Mexican art research – if you can call browsing aimlessly within the confines of a topic “research”. Colleen was inspired by a 2005 Minerva Cuevas text – especially this one line, “Where can I find freedom?” and scrawled a poem in the blink of an eye that I have to add somewhere. I don’t enjoy copy typing so I’m glad it’s a short and having to find a more interesting way of of presenting it, perhaps.

Today’s been mainly crisis management and not ever so managing – not really my crisis and this isn’t the place or the time. No big fish to fry. Storm in a teacup.  And I’m frazzled and flaking and hitting the hay soon enough.

Branding starts on Monday, two weeks of, I hope, not torture. Halfway through week two and I’m not sure I’ve gotten very far enough yet but no real rush and we all have commitments and some of us are snails. It’s a relief not to be hurried. I was planning to write something perzazzing with it but epityemolicallicaly AND mologloggically it all went out the window with mantra Earth.

epityemologloggically …