yesToday ‘s Difference

Going to a conference without going anywhere. Finally I had borrow of some pc audio speakers – mine had the wires cut way back (meanie!) And the puter gremlins in the  works didn’t play up as much as usual so live-streaming worked for a change. I’d

It was too long a day and far too far out to have been there in person, so pretty chuffed to grab a home-based stand at the back. Had to make the best of flitting in and out between other tasks. Catching bits, by chance, and staying the duration for most -feeding back for the gulls at some point next meet or another.

I had downloaded and skimmed some IPCC stuff a few months ago (PDFs, pretty scary in places). By 2055 we’ll be lucky to have 17 degrees heatability if I remember right and the imagery was disturbing with mappings of “the Solid Waste Generation” coming across like fuel pellets. I might have read it drunk and haven’t checked back.

I like gallery-going but fares and distance are an issue so it’s a twice yearly treat even though it’s widely promoted as “free for all”, which annoys some people. “We ALL pay to go there unless we can walk!”

Like my free online access wasn’t free. It’s paid for by way of Internet Service Provider charges every month. Not benefitting the content-provider along the line I don’t expect.

Sometime, I’ll be up to post something sensible(!) about the Rights of Nature conference. Not sure where to put it HOW yet.

Like everything else, I’ll get around to it. May be.

yesToday ‘s Difference

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