Grab bag lunches and leftovers

I wasn’t too put out to have company at home. It made for a change, of sorts.

One chipped in and half washed up (or there’d be no plates and crumbs!) while another played music and explored my shed and garden for composition opportunities – but brought ME some pictures to take pictures of! Photographers! At times sounded like a rehearsal room for (wo)Men Behaving Badly or something. Showing my age again.

There was a bit of percussion and humousing on toast while the girls played at the snail with re-purposed / cycling  materials (rubbish! -Christmas etc.) I “missed out” with One by One show and tell and chat back at the computer. Over and over. Glad we were only a few.

I’d not been to the shop so donations of bread and crisps half left to tide me over came in real handy for the weekend. That’s the nice thing about SOME females, considerate. Well, those who are. Steer clear usually, my ex was a bitch and I need my breathing space.

And to make my task response for homework for next time. (Facilitator wannabees!) My to do list is blocking my door for a fortnight and I’m only going out for a rest in the meantime.

Grab bag lunches and leftovers

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