b Linking Quark – (in around about a week…)

I haven’t heard Quark, Strangeness and Charm for ages, probably not unpacked yet, but I did find my old tapes and had a listen to soma Hawkwind. One day this last week…

I don’t know what NeoLiberal means (other than new+liberal?) but I found a terrific Neoliberal text, the other morning and that being an art image presentation that fitted the Rights of Nature theme perfectly. It was the best way to start a day in an age. (Chicago-based artist I think).

I’ll add a link when I can find it in my history because it’s a bit gazumped – and should you ASK before hooking up a LINK? It certainly seems respectful to at least NOTIFY or inFORM.

I meant to listen to the “Red Man” tape I was given, “to get into the mindset for Rights of Nature theme” which was probably missing the point by a long chalk. (I am black as I am white, so can I say that? – by a long chalk! She IS tall and I never stated COLOR…)

Anyway, I hope that Red Man tape went in the box and not down the side of the sofa or layabout careless or odds are the dog will have crunched it for my being glue-goo’d at this stand.

Hamburger Midnight (Jimmy Carl Black?) went down well at Friday dinner with assistance in the kitchen doing pots. And Boom Boom (John Lee Hooker) for starters.

Wanting to listen to music has been a nice change too. Background radio here and there for Japanese walls not the same as WANTING to hear something in your aging and “out-dated” collection.

Solid Air (John Martyn) and Joni Mitchell’s Blue all be it a warbly old tape, all seemed quite in keeping with the Rights of Nature and ecologies of the Americas theme to me.

It’d take forever and a day to cover endless possibilities for “indigenous music” from the Americas and I don’t have Mexican folk to listen to at mine (another suggestion after a peruse). Doh! Now there’s speakers I can find some in my net, streaming,  perhaps.

Another day I’ll listen to Tracy Chapman, Joanna Newsom, Pearl Jam and Mothers of Invention. Throw in some Rage Against the Machine and any other old kazaa tracks I can dig up and I’ll be in toons heaven in appropriate mindset just fine.

Rights of Nature.

b Linking Quark – (in around about a week…)

One thought on “b Linking Quark – (in around about a week…)

  1. my “co-mentor” suggested no faffing about with edits just yet, just ad lib in the comment box at the end of the article for any afterthoughts or whoops i forgot to add(s)… I could do with a sticky note tool, I know I’ve got an old programme somewhere…


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