Any older Net

via Search. (I don’t know that should be there! But I liked the CurrencyFair ad… )

Only that’s made me think performance art*(isht) again and apparently her name was Annette*… fishertin or wishington or something or another…

(*theatrical type, not live art really – there iS a big difference) AND  I dunno about wanting to be the girl with the most cake. Everyone we know sings “who’d want to be the girl with the most cake…” All seemed a bit over-baked from her web-site profile. You could only know for sure about a performance piece if you were there to see for yourself! I liked the 24hour piece, until it occurred to me that the web-promo was only a run of gifs and might have been a two-minute wonder bigged up.

That’s probably not fair. But I understood what narrative embellishment meant as soon as heard the phrase a while after!

We’d expected her web-site’s donation request button to be leading to instructions or contact details for providing unwanted crockery not a PayPal button and a blag! It cost me enough being a participant in her sat on her backside in a  flapper dress doing the LLAREGUBB ware at a set of cards on a near empty table in an otherwise uninteresting situation space. Study!

It’s one reason why I could never go back to uni to complete, cos our department got shut down and the Fine Art Department swallowed it up and spat it backed all fluffed up as INTEGRATED. It’s never looked nor sounded the same since as far as I could tell or hear. Some quality staff still no doubt, just not the same vibe and a different KIND of visual art – foundation!

We’d reeled in disgust at the “make a donation” button on her web page when we did a little research. As if getting paid already isn’t enough (academic) AND grant-funded for event (assumed). It’s like being asked to “cross my palm with silver” by a peg doll tinker who’ll insist on reading your tea leaves while the tide in your cup’s only half-out.

So, I can’t remember WHAT I intended to post BUT hopefully that’s Annette excised and she’ll not be back to haunt me for my cheek!

Any older Net

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