blogging! there IS a lot to learn and i CAN see why…

… a good many creative folk have NO time for such endeavour OR a blog has to be well planned, structured, polished – and infrequent, or there’d be no time to create.

…this (eventual) blog is aspiring to be FLUID and have MOVEMENT (eventually)

(I know I need the challenge but that could have been a bigger challenge to take a sketchbook and pencil to make something art-like and submitting to someone else’s assistance – if only there’d been someone else!)

A “someone else who knows what they’re doing with the technological stuff” would have made it easier and I could have pickedup a hammer and punch or a saw instead. That was my original offering of technical assistance (not meaning to be condescending of women, as if they can’t DIY!)

I’d understand markdown in a better hurry if I HAD stuck with a sketchbook and pencil AND I don’t have much patience for reading having filled my eyes with twitter feeds until they spilled over earlier in the day – so far I even forgot to eat since morning elevenses! I’m maybe smoking a bit less for the pleasure (dreadful cook – my timing’s all wrong, easily distracted!)

Something to get my teeth into…

… there IS a tin of soup or three and I DO know where the tin opener is – just that there’s a stack of undone dishes that Id be wishing were disposable if it wouldn’t be so outrageously wasteful to eat out of recyclables that still need cleaning or the local police hammer down your door to notify of doing your waste disposal wrongly.

THAT reminds me of the New York Times article I was skimming earlier, regarding the building Any Warhol etc occupied and the impacts on local communities of such issues outlined by that article (history’s overflowing, I’ll find links later, focussing on foundations for now).

THAT reminded me of the situation in Nottingham with “The Creative Quarter” – I read a really good article about that by David Bell – and have been to one or two really good gallery events where he was the speaker.

The name “Creative Quarter” makes anyone with any sense(e) think of something else entirely, along with the push for the coffee shop scene (although they call it cafe scene) and aimed in the main, it seems, for wealthy visiting tourists and so prices set accordingly and real people feeling less than welcome and discouraged. If only there were more patrons enough to keep the high end shops cash tills ringing. It makes you wonder they must have cellars to keep afloat anytime of the week I’ve been passing for the apparent lack of custom from the frontages.

It also reminds me of how annoying it is for people who can’t afford to sit on licensed premises forecourts to NOT be permitted a sit-down with a can of alco-pop with their picnic lunch or take-away for not being patronising of the city enough for being so poor.

How I wish I had a visor to be a Data-type (Star-Trekkin) and to never have any problem remembering the infinite visual and textual data I’m swallowing through my eyes by the bucketful in what seems like no time at all.I’ve made some notes to go back to but not good with organising writing to a plan. More practical than academic.

That (being a Data-type) reminds me of another amateur artist friend. I was going to say, with a Tracy Emin streak, but is THAT desperation for an artist – or was it a punishment – the nude Jubilee run? It was only a view from behind with a Union Jack that I caught sight of in the press(2012) and I know nothing about the story at all because the stunt, as I saw it, completely turned me off. So I wanted to know nothing of it as art and nothing of it otherwise. Whereas I was surprised when once flitting in and out at Tate Britain to be appreciative of an Emin photo and had some conditioning toward accepting work such as her tent or the bed as being “art” of a sort.

And this amateur artist friend mentioned doesn’t do stunts – not intentionally anyway – or she would have been in more hot water than she’s managed for a good while now. “Some things just happen”.

Erm, like finding something that was some other artists so-called outdoor exhibition piece SO irresistible that she picked it up, told the gallery receptionist she’d picked it up from outside, while making sure the hypodermic needle was MEANT to be there, having left that alone.

She then took the stolen “art object” on a journey home with her, making photos of it with other found things collected that day against the colourful fabric of the bus seat along the way in differing arrangements. Not so successful a strategy for the jolts and arrangements falling down just as she was ready to take a snap at it. She enjoys CHANCE with her artistic pursuits – otherwise known as being quite eccentric (or entirely loopy).

Said stolen art object looks nothing of the sort in itself – nor in situ as it was upon “finding”. Why it would have been “irresistible” is beyond the sensibilities of most people. But she’s the sort of person who doesn’t care for shopping and wants nothing much that could be purchased. She’ll nearly get run down to pick up a broken button or a ring pull from a can or especially a rusty old bottle top – anything with rust is a must apparently.

Said (stolen) FOUND object, last seen, was wrapped in a newspaper and hidden away, in case… and meaning to take it back after borrowing. Apparently became concerned it might have something special as part of it’s material make-up although it looks most unlikely. Anyway, she’s not that worried because she spotted security from the gallery rooftop spotting her taking it. She made a point of talking to the lady at front desk about having taken something and delayed leaving a while enough to prevent the object’s removal.

There were no “do not touch” signs nor “do not remove from gallery” notices – and it was in a public space. Usually there are notices. And at least it was noticed. It should have been quite passable for an M.A.qualified artist, along with the stench and stain of vomit on the gallery’s paved entrance my friend reports as also being part of the work, she’s sure. And she noted a very clean scrubbed area and wondered what was there before and why no-one ever does clean up at a big-upped quality public art institution such as this. Especially around the main entrance area.

Maybe she’ll make something else with this art object find. Maybe it’ll disintegrate over time, or be ground up – but she wonders over the strangest of things as if it might have some significant meaning in material sense.

I believe she really DID want to take it back to the artist in person, so having only intended to borrow it – but isn’t that a lot of thieves excuse. The artists exhibiting at that particular exhibition were anonymous, so that made that intention a bit difficult to pursue.

She has another compelling urge – to put something back whenever she finds something (and she’s only stolen her found objects that once!) However, as she puts it, “a low-life like me’d be fined for littering! I’d never get away with dropping art around and about, it’s sod’s law!”

I’m still not sure about other people’s rubbish being considered art.

But I know an awful lot of “ordinary” people who would entirely disagree.

blogging! there IS a lot to learn and i CAN see why…

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