01 piece of eight

A suggestion made it’s way round (by text!) earlier this evening to use a daily prompt from a few days ago to trigger a creative response (writing or otherwise)- the daily prompt being to take a book, select the third sentence on page 82 and incorporate it into a blog post somehow.

The only book I had to hand at the time was the dictionary I’m needing to keep by my desk at the moment, and not expecting inspiration from a dictionary and with other things to attend to, I forgot all about the challenge.

No idea what anyone else is making of their starter (and not gotten around to even opening up my can of soup, nor the dishes yet – and not a creative writer by a long way.

To cut a potentially long story short, using the list of extracts and sources returned (and surprised by eight swift responses, I played with the order and tiny repetition of fragments and have arrived at this for my best attempt to take part. Maybe there’ll be some more submissions to link to over ? time.

(Response – appropriated piece, 01 of eight…)

Not till they flagged and the chant died away, did he speak.(*1) He knew his position.

“I promised him a lot of treasure to get him here so that we could kill him off nice and quiet, in his sleep.” (*2)

The Sheriff did not share Sir Guy’s confidence. (*3)

Her eyes were big and round, and went from one side of the universe to the other.(*4) An inch, more or less in the constant flux. And the chant died away.

Quantum snakes and ladders is very different. (*5)

But success didn’t halt the constant flux in the Wailers’ line-up. (*6)

Andersson not only had maps, he was navigating by stars and sextant plus more electronic devices, and he knew his position to an inch, more or less. (*7)

The shallow type of pot is best. (*8) And the chant big and round, and went from one side of the constant flux to the other, nice and quiet.

*1 = William Golding, Lord of the Flies
*2 = Richard Adams, The Iron Wolf and other stories
*3 = Dean Classics, Robin Hood and his Merrie Men
*4 = Hugh Laurie, the Gun Seller
*5 = Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld III
*6 = Cathy McKnight and John Tobler, Bob Marley, The Roots of Reggae
*7 = Duncan Kyle, The Honey Ant
*8 = David Eno,The Vegetarian Cookbook

End note and reminder to self … linking to matched websites browsed WOULD take focus away from this site BUT might also enhance reader experience and a way of sharing those online experiences…? maybe…in another version (perhaps echoing the constant flux or something…

01 piece of eight

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