Surprise package

Having asked for mid-week contributions so I can have some content to practice these technical ropes with rather than tying myself in knots, the last thing I expected was a barely legible note through my door.

Blurry eyed and on my way out the scrawlings finally made sense – back of the bin, a box and in a jiffy.

Another call (and glad I’m not on PAYG!) “What do you want me to do to do with this?”

(Ask a stupid question, should’ve been obvious…)

FIRST it’s what I want to do with it that counts! (I wonder if it’ll be doing the rounds and anyone else gets the pleasure – or if they’ve all a surprise package to encourage col-laboration and col-lectivity…)

SECOND, I have to be careful because there’s sharp and rusty bits in that box AND to try not to lose anything (somehow precious and not) cos there’s lots of bits and pieces and it’s about time I took up an art challenge if I’m hobby-training at hobby-artist assisting…

AND then when I’ve made an assemplage or something or several things of whatever I like I have to take photos and “there’s no rush but when you do it make it as quick as possible, intuitive, no faffing just throw something up with it!”. Some people have far too much faith in me. So, in a jiffy…

…one dried banana skin (- in fantastic formation -) awaits temporary placement to, or with, accompanying background material and some other tiny bits of oddness dredged up from I dread to think where.

And finally a sealed envelope with a title card I must NOT peek at UNTIL I’m ready to take some snaps and then it HAS to be in the picture however inappropriate it MAY seem as THE title.

THEN, if I like, I can make it again somehow different adding some found object or more of my own and try and FIT it to THE title but add a 2. So then I can incorporate my own artwork along with the other(s)

And then I have to give it all back – “if possible – please” (but I can keep my photos AND the rights to my “work”…)

So along with finding twitter makes me giggle, I’ve had a few chuckles every time I pass that so far abandoned “in a jiffy” and not yet explored surprise package while they dry out in the draft behind my front door…

Surprise package

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