In need of some contributions…

…something solid to make IT work (and IT so far being invisible and unrealised).

Practising for work while there is no work and sick of and from so-called welfare and never being alone in that fact.

Day three of setting myself a seven day goal for a test blog that appears to work out and hoping that’s not too ambitious (and fearing it probably is!) Having to take up so-called free-writing (and rambling).

I’m just too far out to currently benefit from any of the otherwise available mechanisms for improving workability and heading for half a century with quite a gap now in employment history.

I hope I can improve my typing speed along the way of this thing (IT) but can’t see myself in an office environment ever. I’d have to stand it if that’s what it takes.

Efficiency needs improving (along with presentation!) and a nearer employment potential situation would have to be arrived at first.Otherwise I’ll need spare tyres and on my bike… an electric one’d be good but electric’s unaffordable – virtual voyaging’s a much cheaper option but a bit less excercise.

Apparently (receiving some feedback this morning)I can have some feedback when there’s a bit more to feedback at. And if I can hit a few more keywords (givens) and learn the ropes – it’ll probably be a month or more and seven days is ambitious but I am looking forward to inputting code eventually and it would be nice to give it bells and whistles somehow.

Seems little point aiming for a goal while the posts keep moving.
Whenever goals are mentioned I yearn for a kick at a ball, something to run with. Hoping the village catches on to walking football so I can get a game in before I retire – whether I move by then or not I would hope to return…

In need of some contributions…

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