col-laborating and practice makes…

… my head hurt, bumping it around corner to corner… “just have a play! find your way around things…have some fun!” (and get a life comes to mind! – me that is, nothing better to do! – other than trawl for suitable jobs that don’t exist!

So, attempting to learn some new skills in the virtual digital world was a good idea?

It appears I’m in danger of becomein a twitter fan/addict – never thought I’d see the day!

And I’m starting to think I’m the only the person left in the world who uses the internet who doesn’t yet have a facebook account – and I’m not sure I want one… I don’t have all the time in the world for everything and no time or money for friends as such. Too many things to do and moreso now I committed to this. if only I’d dragged myself away from my work searches earlier to add some pages to this site… could’ve sworn I’d done more than appears to be here, somehow keep losing my place (bookmarks could be a good idea – or a note to myself on the wall at eye level to “save everything as you go, leave nothing to chance! There’s nothing like “writing on the wire until you hit save or publish and find your work’s vanished into thin air!” (Could’ve done with that pep talk a bit earlier on in the process). Knowing what I’m doing with anything before I start would be nice too.

I dropped by a helpful cribsheet at and and so learnt a new term or some! Of course I don’t have anything relevant to be organising yet – other than life, while I distract away from life (as I know it)and venture the unknown.

I’ve spent far too long gazing away at twitter stuff, but what a wealth of stuff to be found – previously “browsing” had been mostly a quick check at bank balance (very unbalanced!), a look at the weather and usually the bbc news website, having no telly license and a power-hungry old obsolete box that’ll last far longer left switched off. So quite behind the times… and for some unknown reason, since agreeing to be a twitter user* the New York Times has suddenly become interesting and easily accessible (*for my main col-laborator, and actually I’m theirs, rather, sort of informal trainee assistant and “take as long as you take, just try and learn cos g’d do I need help!”)

As usual, saying nothing much at all, feels like wasting space, I’ll be glad when(?) it hurts less getting my head around it all(!)

col-laborating and practice makes…

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