Surprise package

Having asked for mid-week contributions so I can have some content to practice these technical ropes with rather than tying myself in knots, the last thing I expected was a barely legible note through my door.

Blurry eyed and on my way out the scrawlings finally made sense – back of the bin, a box and in a jiffy.

Another call (and glad I’m not on PAYG!) “What do you want me to do to do with this?”

(Ask a stupid question, should’ve been obvious…)

FIRST it’s what I want to do with it that counts! (I wonder if it’ll be doing the rounds and anyone else gets the pleasure – or if they’ve all a surprise package to encourage col-laboration and col-lectivity…)

SECOND, I have to be careful because there’s sharp and rusty bits in that box AND to try not to lose anything (somehow precious and not) cos there’s lots of bits and pieces and it’s about time I took up an art challenge if I’m hobby-training at hobby-artist assisting…

AND then when I’ve made an assemplage or something or several things of whatever I like I have to take photos and “there’s no rush but when you do it make it as quick as possible, intuitive, no faffing just throw something up with it!”. Some people have far too much faith in me. So, in a jiffy…

…one dried banana skin (- in fantastic formation -) awaits temporary placement to, or with, accompanying background material and some other tiny bits of oddness dredged up from I dread to think where.

And finally a sealed envelope with a title card I must NOT peek at UNTIL I’m ready to take some snaps and then it HAS to be in the picture however inappropriate it MAY seem as THE title.

THEN, if I like, I can make it again somehow different adding some found object or more of my own and try and FIT it to THE title but add a 2. So then I can incorporate my own artwork along with the other(s)

And then I have to give it all back – “if possible – please” (but I can keep my photos AND the rights to my “work”…)

So along with finding twitter makes me giggle, I’ve had a few chuckles every time I pass that so far abandoned “in a jiffy” and not yet explored surprise package while they dry out in the draft behind my front door…

Surprise package

In need of some contributions…

…something solid to make IT work (and IT so far being invisible and unrealised).

Practising for work while there is no work and sick of and from so-called welfare and never being alone in that fact.

Day three of setting myself a seven day goal for a test blog that appears to work out and hoping that’s not too ambitious (and fearing it probably is!) Having to take up so-called free-writing (and rambling).

I’m just too far out to currently benefit from any of the otherwise available mechanisms for improving workability and heading for half a century with quite a gap now in employment history.

I hope I can improve my typing speed along the way of this thing (IT) but can’t see myself in an office environment ever. I’d have to stand it if that’s what it takes.

Efficiency needs improving (along with presentation!) and a nearer employment potential situation would have to be arrived at first.Otherwise I’ll need spare tyres and on my bike… an electric one’d be good but electric’s unaffordable – virtual voyaging’s a much cheaper option but a bit less excercise.

Apparently (receiving some feedback this morning)I can have some feedback when there’s a bit more to feedback at. And if I can hit a few more keywords (givens) and learn the ropes – it’ll probably be a month or more and seven days is ambitious but I am looking forward to inputting code eventually and it would be nice to give it bells and whistles somehow.

Seems little point aiming for a goal while the posts keep moving.
Whenever goals are mentioned I yearn for a kick at a ball, something to run with. Hoping the village catches on to walking football so I can get a game in before I retire – whether I move by then or not I would hope to return…

In need of some contributions…

“How was today different to yesterday for you?”

Apparently, that’s something to with Foucault. I hope the spelling’s correct, I have a common-as-muck way of remembering that name – I usually fail to disclose that method with my counterparts while I often feel quite left behind in comparison to their wealth of knowledge and learned backgrounds. Most of them are a bit too modest for individuals supposedly trained in selling their artistic strengths and qualities having been on all these courses and workshops, gallery tours and events.

I’ve discovered Nottingham City has become a City of Literature (not sure quite what that means, realistically!) but it does sound of sound esteem. Around and about Nottingham is where the core group of (hopefully) participants are based. I’m a bit on the outside where I am at the moment but bound to me moving one way or another eventually.

I also discovered Seattle is ALSO a City of Literature – but that didn’t surprise me at all, not with the Meat Puppets (are they Seattle-ian?) and Nirvana.

I actually made it to a Seattle graduate/academic’s “participatory performance” once upon a while ago’s fine evening out… never remember the lady’s name – though not sure how much a lady looking at her peep-hole event on her website afterwards, but that’s maybe why the flapper dress… (I almost put a question mark but probably rather not know sordid detail.)

I prefer to remember the artist lady’s sorbet-colour-fairytale-tea-party dress than her peep-hole project and can’t really imagine anyone turning up for that performance but I bet they did. Whatever that summer’s event was everyone around me during discussion were complaining about the high entrance fees (Nottingham Castle) and never getting a glegg at anything put on there – “I didn’t even get to see John Newling’s shed full of holes ‘cept in the Evening Post!” groaned one compulsive arts-fan… and how annoying it is when “arts are funded but the venue’s entrance fees are prohibitive to general public enjoyment”.

That’s one of the ways my days (Sunday and Monday) have been different, that yesterday I discovering the notion of City of Literature status.

I love Nottingham but far more interested in Seattle (must be the flatlands and the woodwork, yearning for the shore and the ionised air I imagine and breathe whenever I make it home (nowhere near Seattle I have to add, but some barns and near-sea air and mostly very flat!)

Today was different because I opened a twitter account, made a piece of “art” of a sort myself – inspired by the reminder of another (to try something basic and find a way to play for a way to make work!) and a hashtag prompt. I’m still slow getting used to these things and net etiquette’s probably a bit on the shaky side.

I’d not planned to make a something else and surprised myself in doing so and from the prompt of a simple hashtag. Maybe it’s catching – one or two of my counterparts are mad about AD HOC and OFF THE CUFF. I wonder they’re pulling my leg sometimes and often daren’t ask ” IS that a performance company or a LIVE ART type thing?

It can be TRICKY distinguishing between real real world and everyday speak in some of their tales, arts-based terminologies and brandings. With things like twitter to try and get to grips with and “trending” sounds plain sense obvious BUT look at my feeds and I can’t see whY so far.

So, that’s the wheel for the grindstone I’m supposed to be making headway at, the dreaded social media and “did (I) know I could use facebook to look for a job?” Oh my good giddy aunt now trying that is bound to get me in a spin, “browsing” at websites for work’s bad enough!

So, now there are accompanying reasons, practising all these so called “work skills” for “compliance” and “commitment” might be both less painful AND save me going on one or more near useless courses with some admin teacher who got their adult teaching certificate for writing instructions for how to make a sandwich!

I’d like to get back to some gardening or painting fence posts, something practical, worthwhile and all packed away at the end of the working day with nowt much left to think about but a pint before I wobble my way home with a bag of fish and chips by Friday!

I’m not ever so convinced that any of my writing will be of any interest to anyone anywhere and can’t imagine that is. Quite looking forward to inputting some of the stuff proper (from the others)- awaiting submissions – some of these arty folk don’t half take their time ;)… FLANEUR(s) – I’ll save that “trend” for another time, I’m sure they mean BAKING (women!) (oh, am I allowed to mention such a word in such a PC world???)

(Learning with my mistakes, draft version written Monday 19th, appears all out of time…)

“How was today different to yesterday for you?”